Stucco Marble Workshop

Course introduction and improvement stucco marble-scagliola. It is essential except foreknowledge of the technique because at first we will contact with the materials and tools, prepare the workplace etc.

October 17-21 2016, A New Hue Studio: 9725 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 37922

Duration:35 Hour Course, Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Introduction & Objections:

Introductory course in the art and further that aims to provide students theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to begin it, evolving logically and providing a more contemporary view of it keeping the original procedure.
It will allow students the application of learning to different work contexts: decoration, restoration, art, construction …


Essentially site classes practices:
They follow a systematic trial and error to provide us the right to any setback that comes our resources in its future development.


First part:
Stucco wall made under workshop without support on table.

Second part:

  • Working wall support on which we will develop two samples of medium size using German technology and Italian.
  • General presentation of the stucco marble.
  • Definition of stucco.
  • The stucco art history.
  • Role of stucco marble.
  • Advantages and limitations.
  • Graphical documentation.


  • Collection of materials and tools
  • Disposition of the job.
  • Presentation of materials.
  • Development of mother and tasting cola setting.
  • Setting control by varying the proportions of pigments.
  • Mass consistencies.
  • Performing two color samples. Your chances.
  • simple techniques of marbling.
  • Evolution in the complexity of the compositions.
  • Use and practice of the German technical carrying out its finish.
  • Surface preparation to receive a stucco marble.
  • Elements that facilitate accession.
  • Meetings with other materials.
  • Mass formation, balls or loaves with their veins or other adjectives gaps.
  • Placement on support.
  • Flatness techniques.
  • Clogged pore-polished-drying times.
  • Finishes.
  • Reconstruction of grain and structure of a sample of marble.
  • Introduction to marquetry and sculptural work.

To attend this seminar you do not need any prior knowledge in coating techniques, only interest and willingness to learn one of the most wonderful decorative techniques that exist.

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